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Thousands of Meetups are hosted all around the world bringing people together to share and discuss common interests.

Meetups are known for making great friends, establishing contacts, and getting clients!

In fact, I made $8,000 in 30 days after implementing this easy-peasy Magical Meetup Strategy in my business!


And you can too!


This is my proven strategy to enroll 80% of workshop attendees in your programs!

This strategy is perfect for spiritual entrepreneurs:  life coaches, healers, and intuitives!


Here's what you get:

* Audio and PDF document with step-by-step instructions for how to get amazing results with this strategy!

* Talk script with the format of your talk, each stage of your presentation, and what words to use to make your offer at the end of the workshop to enroll new clients.  Just plug in your content!  This script is the one that well-known professional speakers use and the script I used to make $8,000 from one workshop!

* Stay Connected form to hand out to attendees so you can stay in touch after your workshop



 * Step-by-step instructions of how to implement this Meetup strategy to get the same amazing results!

* Access the Passion And Purpose: 6 Steps To Create A Career You Love home study program for free ($497 value)!  



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